Introduction of touch table

In this era of rapid information changes, everyone is becoming more and more pragmatic. From button phones to touch phones, from screen display to the current diversified touch screen display, it has brought too much convenience to our visual life.

Introduction of touch table

Introduction of touch table

our touch advertising machine is divided into touch film touch and capacitive touch.

Details speaking : multi-touch advertising screen features a multi-touch display allowing your customers to interact fully with the display, allow people to drag, resize, and rotate photos, videos and electronic documents, encouraging great customer engagement。

According to these two touch methods, we have made an interactive multifunction touch table that can be used in multiple scenarios, such as coffee shops, hotel halls, early childhood education, school education, game halls, offices, exhibition rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Introduction of touch tables

Introduction of touch tables

Here specially introduce you the Lcd coffee table, that is very popular coffee bar table, customer can set down enjoy the delicious food, coffee and cake , also can use the touch table for work or play games or chat ,ect. Which let the customer feel this time is super relaxable .

Through the interaction of touch, the experiencer can better feel efficient and convenient.

Next, here show you some touch table we made for your reference .

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