Digital poster display application

With the development of technology and advertising, more and more advertisement forms appered in the market, during the past times, we see the advertisment from newspapers, TV and street paper posters. But it is not environmentally friendly enough if using paper posters. So now you can see more and more LED advertising screen and LCD advertising screens in public areas, it is easier and quicker to change the advertising contents on these screens, you can change the contents everyone minute, it is also more convenient to control, it is not only can be remotely controlled, but also many screens canbe controlled at the same time by one server. Which can save us lots of engergy and time, even money, as it can be for several years.

Today I’d like to introduce you is our digital poster display with lcd panel, compared with LED screen, it has more detailed picture quality and better resolution, it is more suitable for close view and indoor use. And it is widely used in restaurant, clothes shops, jelewery shops and so on.





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