stand alone LCD digital signage

How to Purchase LCD Ad Display from Online Distributor?

It must be admitted that the Internet is the most effective method of advertising these days. LCD AD display can access the Internet to display the required information. For example, a LCD display installed in a subway, is controlled by a full-scale server. The online market provides you with an efficient way to purchase LCD AD displays….

Super slim single side & double side indoor advertising LCD display

Super slim single side & double side indoor advertising LCD display

Here we would like to share Marvel brand super slim advertising LCD display. Single sided and double sided model to options. Attractive super slim design and light weight for easy to move it from place to place.     Indoor advertising single side and double side LCD display Indoor advertising player available screen size from…

Digital poster display application

With the development of technology and advertising, more and more advertisement forms appered in the market, during the past times, we see the advertisment from newspapers, TV and street paper posters. But it is not environmentally friendly enough if using paper posters. So now you can see more and more LED advertising screen and LCD…

Application of stand alone LCD digital signage

With social rapid development & intellectualization, more and more stand alone LCD digital signage are used in various occasions. Such as, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and other public places etc. LCD digital signage solutions become  the most popular advertising method. LCD digital signage ads  instead of earlier traditional static poster because they can…